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Sleep better! The Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket is Your new favorite cuddle buddy.

Calming Comfort makes you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy. Meaning that the blanket can be beneficial for general insomnia and also for overall sleep problems.

 According to webMD, "Leslie Kosco, 56, an oncology nurse in Indianapolis, thinks so. For the past 3 months, she has snuggled under her light gray, 20-pound weighted blanket. She bought it after reading that it could improve sleep and lower anxiety.

 "It gives me the feeling that someone is hugging me, and making me feel calmer," she says. "I think my sleep is better." The anxiety? "Well, you know," she laughs. She works with cancer patients, and she and her partner have an active 9-year-old."

 6 Benefits of Improved Sleep from Calming Comforter

    1. Less moving and fidgeting by providing you with a calm state
    2. Feels like a massage
    3. Makes you feel like you’re being held
    4. Helps you fall asleep more quickly
    5. Stay asleep longer
    6. Sleep calmly and securely

          ….Resulting in a more comfortable, better quality sleep

      Calming Comfort Weighted Blankets comes in 4 weights - 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. The dimensions are 50" x 75" - for the 15,20,25 lbs and 41"  x 60" for the 10 lb, all are perfect for a single adult.

      The evenly distributed pressure of our blankets is used to aid in conditions such as Anxiety, ADHD, SPD, Stress, Autism, Insomnia and many more sensory conditions.

       We know life can be a little too much, let us help you find your escape! 
      Calming Comfort, Your Hug in a Blanket

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