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We know so many struggle to sleep well at night, with anxious feelings and spinning of the mind. You’re not alone.

The entire world is at our fingertips but yet people have never been more anxious and depressed. According to Mental Health America “1 in 5 Adults have a mental health condition, that’s over 40 Million Americans!”

This is why we created Calming Comfort Blanket. We are here to help aid those that struggle with sleep, the minds that can’t stop spinning and help remove the elephant off your chest.

We knew that acupressure had helped those with restless sleep, meditation helps calm the mind, and discovered the amazing mental health benefits that weighted blankets brought for children and adults.                                                             

 It's like having the best hug for a long period of time! 

Calming Comfort comes in 4 weights - 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. The dimensions are 41" x 60" for the 10lb blanket and the other weights are a generous 50" x 75" - perfect for a single adult.

 We know life can be a little too much, let us help you find your escape! 
Calming Comfort, Your Hug in a Blanket

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